Community Music Practitioner


Music can bring a sense of community, togetherness and joy where sometimes people might be living in difficult circumstances. Livvy has a passion for bringing music to people in the community, whether it be to care homes, hospices or schools, encouraging people to make music at whatever ability they are at.

Livvy has previously visited hospices to sing well-known songs from the 50s-70s with patients in the day therapy unit. Patients have enjoyed having a bit of time in the day to sing together and take part in the fun musical activities she provides!

Who does livvy enjoy singing with?
  • Patients at hospices
  • People living in carehomes
  • Children in schools

Due to confidentiality reasons, most photos of Livvy’s community practice cannot be posted online as they contain photos of patients.

music with livvy

During the COVID-19 crisis, Livvy started a second YouTube channel called “Music With Livvy,” aimed at older people in hospices and care homes, or those living alone and/or shielding.

Livvy wanted to create a safe space online for people to engage with music they are familiar with from the 50s-70s, enabling them to sing and/or dance along. The COVID-19 situation can be very scary and isolating, and Livvy has noticed that music can provide an escape for people and lighten spirits during this time.

If you have any song requests, or want Livvy to do a shoutout, please let her know using the contact form on this website, or email her at She will be happy to hear from you!

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