Livvy, currently studying Songwriting at Leeds College of Music conservatoire, realised her love for songwriting at the age of 12, and since then, she has written many songs for herself and for others. She has recently been on a songwriting camp in Rotterdam, composing for the Dutch artist Shary An, as well as releasing her debut collaborative single “Sleep” in 2019 with a producer from Copenhagen.

Livvy’s influences stem from 70/80s pop music as well as soul and modern R&B artists such as Jordan Rakei and Raveena. Her original music consists of heartfelt lyrics based on experiences and emotions, specifically focusing on real life stories from herself and others. Her catchy melodies and colourful harmony blend together to create a sound world within the modern pop genre, varying from groove-based tunes to chilled out, piano centered ballads with interesting production timbres.

Livvy’s new single “Loving You From a Distance,” written during the coronavirus lockdown, is now available on all music streaming platforms!

personalised songs

As well as writing for herself, Livvy enjoys composing personalised songs for weddings and other occasions. Previously, she has put a couple’s meeting story into music, and also written a piano ballad with the couple’s wedding vows as the lyrics.

Livvy writes personalised songs for clients, spending time getting to know them and their story and capturing it in her music. Previously, she has written for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Short films